About Us

On the surface, Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co. is a 20-barrel system production brewery & taproom based in Carrollton, Georgia. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that PAMCo. closes the loop on a trajectory spanning more than 200 years (more on that below). We are brewing beer with the same precision and love for making things that our family has shared for generations—both as printers and as brewers. We are tinkerers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. Allow us to introduce you to the family trades.

Our History

  • 1800

    Great-great-great grandfather and brewmaster Martin Fischer (born 1769) opens his own gasthaus in Brunau, Germany.

  • 1886

    Great-great grandfather Karl Ludwig Fischer closes the gasthaus and moves his family to Scranton, PA after stowing away on a ship to America.

  • 1911

    Great grandfather Philip John Fischer forms his own printing company in Scranton that is owned and operated by our family to this day.

  • 1982

    The family printing business expands to facilities in Carrollton, GA to service the record companies opening factories in the southern U.S.

  • 2017

    Greg Smith, the great-great-great grandson of Martin Fischer, comes full-circle (occupationally speaking) by opening Printer's Ale Manufacturing Company in Carrollton, GA.


  • Founder & Owner
    Founder & Owner

    Greg is a 4th generation printer who missed out on the chance to move to Santa Cruz in 1991. Hopefully you’ll taste the beer, and be glad he didn’t. Greg grew up surrounded by the family trade—Never content to stay in his lane, Greg has been brewing since 1993. Ask him about his experiences starting various punk rock bands: He’ll seem cagey about the topic at first, but we suspect he may want to brag about it over a pint or two. Greg claims his favorite job of all-time was washing dishes at a Knoxville restaurant, because of the tightly-knit community that formed in the kitchen. We can only assume that his new gig at the brewery will prove to be a close second.


  • Josh
    Specialty Brewer

    Josh Watterson is an accomplished and award-winning Brewmaster with over a decade in the industry. After finishing his degree in Business Administration at Boise State University he attended the World Brewing Academy spending time at both the Seibel Institute in Chicago and the Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany. There he received his diploma in “International Brewing Technology” and set his sites on building his career in beer. He worked for both Owen Roe and Fausse Piste Wineries before being accepting a position at Bridgeport Brewing in Portland, OR. After Portland he ran operations for Brasserie Saint James in 2011 for over 6 years and then later help build a destination brewery located in the Hill Country outside Austin, TX. After creating an award-winning lineup and beer portfolio Josh was lucky enough to cross path’s with Greg Smith (Owner at Printer’s Ale) and a mutual respect and admiration led to an opportunity to join the team and Josh couldn’t be more thrilled. If you find yourself in Josh's presence be sure to geek out about beer with him, he loves it!

  • Rocky
    Lead Brewer

    Rocky Esposita has joined our family as Lead Brewer! Moving from Colorado, he has worked all over the country with CraftWorks for the last 11 years. He started out as a starry-eyed server who loved being around beer and has worked his way up through the ranks becoming Head Brewer within the CraftWorks company. Rocky's skill set, hard work, and dedication are the perfect ingredients for making really great beer. Rocky's previous beer drinkers know him for his kettle sours and Double IPA. Rocky and his cute family are incredibly excited to call Carrollton, "Home"!
    Welcome home.


  • Jessica
    Marketing Manager and Art Direction

    Jessica takes things and makes them pretty. Originally from Wichita, Kansas Jessica earned her BFA in Graphic Design at Wichita State in 2014 and spent her time as a community college teacher, Graphics Assistant at the Sedgwick County Zoo, and designer for the Finishing School for Modern Women. Itching to get out of Kansas and try something different, Jessica made her way to the South in late 2016 much to her surprise. She keeps clicking her heels to go home but ends up at the brewery---and she's not mad about it. If you find yourself enjoying a Taproom sign or a funny social media post, you have Jessica to thank. If you find yourself finding typos, well, you can also thank Jessica.

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