About Us

On the surface, Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co. is a 20-barrel system production brewery & taproom based in Carrollton, Georgia. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that PAMCo. closes the loop on a trajectory spanning more than 200 years (more on that below). We are brewing beer with the same precision and love for making things that our family has shared for generations—both as printers and as brewers. We are tinkerers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. Allow us to introduce you to the family trades.

Our History

  • 1800

    Great-great-great grandfather and brewmaster Martin Fischer (born 1769) opens his own gasthaus in Brunau, Germany.

  • 1886

    Great-great grandfather Karl Ludwig Fischer closes the gasthaus and moves his family to Scranton, PA after stowing away on a ship to America.

  • 1911

    Great grandfather Philip John Fischer forms his own printing company in Scranton that is owned and operated by our family to this day.

  • 1982

    The family printing business expands to facilities in Carrollton, GA to service the record companies opening factories in the southern U.S.

  • 2017

    Greg Smith, the great-great-great grandson of Martin Fischer, comes full-circle (occupationally speaking) by opening Printer's Ale Manufacturing Company in Carrollton, GA.


  • Founder & Owner
    Greg Smith
    Founder & Owner

    Greg is a 4th generation printer who missed out on the chance to move to Santa Cruz in 1991. Hopefully you’ll taste the beer, and be glad he didn’t. Greg grew up surrounded by the family trade—Never content to stay in his lane, Greg has been brewing since 1993. Ask him about his experiences starting various punk rock bands: He’ll seem cagey about the topic at first, but we suspect he may want to brag about it over a pint or two. Greg claims his favorite job of all-time was washing dishes at a Knoxville restaurant, because of the tightly-knit community that formed in the kitchen. We can only assume that his new gig at the brewery will prove to be a close second.


  • Nick Moran
    Head Brewer
    Nick Moran

    Nick comes from a large family in Tennessee. After a few years of college, he discovered his passion was in brewing beer. He began his career working for a couple of breweries in Tennessee & North Carolina, before making his way to Printer's Ale. When he's not working, you can probably find him on the disk golf course.

  • David Burton
    Assistant Brewer
    David Burton

    David is an enigma wrapped in a cute flour tortilla, filled with golden smiles and a love for beer. He games and reads and reads and games. And brews beer. Delicious beer.

Territory Managers

  • Parker Maples
    Atlanta Territory Manager
    Parker Maples

    Originally from beautiful Tennessee, Parker knows what he's doing and he isn't afraid to prove it. When it comes to craft beer, Parker has had years of experience in selling and drinking beautiful beer. If you are in the Atlanta area and find yourself in need of Printer's at your favorite spot, Parker is your guy.

  • Dylan Beaumont
    West Georgia Territory Manager
    Dylan Beaumont

    Dylan might be a familiar face for Carrollton folks! After kicking ass as our Taproom Manager, Dylan has leveled up. Dylan's customer service skills, love for Printer's Beer, and his general beer knowledge is nearly unmatched. Dylan is a good dude with a great attitude and he can't wait to see where Printer's goes from here. If you're in the West Georgia area and need anything at all, Dylan is more than glad to help you.


  • Matt Tapley
    Taproom Manager
    Matt Tapley

    Matt is one of the original staff members at Printer's Ale! You may recognize him as the Saturday Bartender but Matt decided it was time to level up!
    Everything from brewery tours to taproom event planning Matt handles it all. He's a go-getter and we couldn't be more happy to have Matt in the Printer's Fam.

  • Jessica Wasson
    Graphic Designer
    Jessica Wasson

    Jessica takes things and makes them pretty. Originally from Wichita, Kansas Jessica has made her way to the South much to her surprise. She keeps clicking her heels to go home but ends up at the brewery---and she's not mad about it. If you find yourself enjoying a Taproom sign or a funny social media post, you have Jessica to thank. If you find yourself finding typos, well, you can also thank Jessica.