Artifact 2019 Bottle Release

Artifact 2019 Bottle Release

It's that time of the year! New 2019 ARTIFACT is here with four offerings available in 500mL bottles. Each bottle is $14.99 and hits the spot right at 14.0% ABV.

Printer’s Ale Artifact Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout is rich, decadent, layered, smooth, and born from a grain bill of over 10 malts. Freshly emptied Bourbon and Whiskey barrels from ASW Distillery in Atlanta housed this Imperial Stout for 6 months.

>Silver - Blend of All Three Barrels
>Gold - Burns Night Barrels (Highly coveted gold medal-winning Single Malt Whiskey, 100% Malted Barley aged in American White Oak Casks)
>Green - Fiddler Barrel (Bourbon Whiskey with high Wheat mash bill finished on Georgia White Oak heartwood staves)
>Burgundy - Resergens Barrels (100% Malted Rye Whiskey)

Food Available: Dog House Hotdog Stand starts at 4:30 and Dirty Beard BBQ, LLC starts at 5:00.

Black Friday is the release of 4 varieties of our annual Artifact 2019 Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout. 14.0% ABV, 500mL bottles, begins at 4:30 PM.