Artifact 2019 Bottle Release

Artifact 2019 Bottle Release

It's that time of the year! New 2019 ARTIFACT is here with four offerings available in 500mL bottles. Each bottle is $14.99 and hits the spot right at 14.0% ABV.

Printer’s Ale Artifact Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout is rich, decadent, layered, smooth, and born from a grain bill of over 10 malts. Freshly emptied Bourbon and Whiskey barrels from ASW Distillery in Atlanta housed this Imperial Stout for 6 months.

>Silver - Blend of All Three Barrels
>Gold - Burns Night Barrels (Highly coveted gold medal-winning Single Malt Whiskey, 100% Malted Barley aged in American White Oak Casks)
>Green - Fiddler Barrel (Bourbon Whiskey with high Wheat mash bill finished on Georgia White Oak heartwood staves)
>Burgundy - Resergens Barrels (100% Malted Rye Whiskey)

Food Available: Dog House Hotdog Stand starts at 4:30 and Dirty Beard BBQ, LLC starts at 5:00.

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Yellow is now a Pilsner…

Have you heard?!?! Our "Everyday Yellow" is now a Pilsner!
Before we release this perfect pilsner into the wild, we want to celebrate in a BIG way. Your first chance to get your hands on a pint is at Irish Bred Pub Carrollton, GA on Friday, July 26th starting at 7pm.

Our Kick the Keg event is gonna be a fun one! If the keg kicks while a bartender is filling your pint, YOU'RE THE WINNER!
For an entire month, Printer's Ale will buy your pint of
"Everyday Yellow" but of course, some rules apply.

It's pretty simple, you've got to be 21 years of age or older, there's a limit of 3 pints per day, available only during normal Printer's Ale Taproom hours, and no growler fills on this.

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Lovely Time for Lovely Beer

LOVE POTIONS AND PRINTER’S ALE Hello! We hope January was easy going and rejuvenating for you.And also, how ’bout that snow storm? But seriously, we are excited to continue being a part of your craft beer life and can’t wait to see …

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New Beer, New Year

Hello All! What a wild year 2018 was for us. If you drink, think, and or serve Printer’s Ale, we cannot thank you enough.In 2018 you saw beer releases, comedy shows, pot lucks, 1 Year Anniversary Party, food trucks, video game …

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